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Critical perspectives on oral history

Unheard voices: critical perspectives on oral history
Workshop by dr. Rose Mary Allen

Researchers are often confronted with the fact that certain key information is not in written form but stored in people’s memories. This is particularly the case in societies where written information represents colonial or other dominant views while alternative views are silenced. Oral history is a technique for recovering silenced or ignored perspectives as well as for recollecting information about the more recent past that combines anthropology, history, storytelling and journalism. Someone who does oral history research is both a listener and an archivist and is involved in interviewing individuals about their lives, experiences and memories, usually focused on a specific topic. Oral histories, the results of this technique, offer a unique way to learn about past events and about the people that experienced or played important roles in those events.

In this workshop, participants will look at oral history research findings, issues around reliability, transcription, interpretation and analysis.

March 28: 14.00-17.00
March 29: 14.00-17.00

The workshops are preceded by a related lecture by Dr. Rose Mary Allen on March 27.

Credits: RMA Students can acquire 2 EC if they attend all events (lecture and 2 subsequent workshops), complete the readings and write an assignment related to the topic of the workshop.

Registrations for RMA students: Please email Eloe Kingma at (link sends e-mail). Be sure to specify your home institution and programme.
If you are not an RMA student and you would like to attend this event, please send an e-mail to Please note that places are limited.

Lecture and subsequent workshops are organised by the UvA (ACGS, ASCA, NICA and ARC-GS).

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